One point made the difference – Hadik is the overall champion!

Sensational battle until the last metres

András Hadik won Nyíregyháza Rally in a sensational battle that lasted until the last metres and he claimed the overall national championship title. He won 10 from 17 stages at the race and his victory in Nyíregyháza was not in doubt at all. However, a simple victory could not be enough for him due to his zero points in the middle of the season, because he started this race 8 points behind Frigyes Turán.

‘A simple victory was not enough for us, we had to win one of the days. We did it yesterday and even the power stage, so both brought extra points’ Hadik said, who became champion with Attila Deák. ‘When I got to the start of the last stage, I knew that this stage suited us and we could win. Though I was anxious about not to hit a tyre chicane, because the penalty could destroy everything. I did not drive at the limit, but we did not lose more than 1 second at the stage. I started my career in 1992 with a Trabant, so I have waited for this day for quite long time. It is a dream comes true and it is an awesome feeling.’

Frigyes Turán and László Bagaméri also did everything for the title, but they knew that there could be only one champion. This time they lost the battle.

‘It was a fantastic race, there is nothing to regret’ Turán said, who span at the stage on Friday, but the following two days he proved his fighting spirit. ‘I think we were great, my co-driver produced excellent performance, we have a super team and many fans. Although we missed the title by one point, this year we had the most podium finishes, and finally we became second after a sensational battle. Last stage was the fight of the nerves, but we could be cool and fast. Unfortunately, this stage suited better to András Hadik, but that is sport.’ 

Ferenc Vincze claimed third place both at the race and in championship. Although he started this rally from the leading position, but the weekend did not go as he expected. He simply said: ‘We could not be really fast at any stages.’ But it is worth to mention that many competitors would have been in his place regarding either the speed or position. The young driver had big chance, but considering his talent and age, it was definitely not his last one.

Three-time overall champion Miklós Kazár finished fourth. He did not like the fog on Saturday but enjoyed Sunday when many spectators were queuing by the side of the stages, so he tried to drive as spectacularly as possible.

Tibor Érdi Jr, who returned to the Hungarian stages after nine years, also highlighted that it was so great to hear the forest resounding when he arrived at a corner with side of the car.

‘There were many new things in this race: we drove the Skoda on asphalt for the first time, first race with Szabi Kovács, whom we got together in a test race last weekend. There were stages in the recce where we could go on only twice. It is quite a big disadvantage, though we produced second and third times in the overall. But surely I can see many things to improve.’

This race was good enough for Érdi Jr. to gain some experience from the stages in Zemplén that he could benefit from when next year not only a Hungarian championship race is held at these stages, but he can compete with an ERC field as well.



Overall classification: 1. András Hadik, Attila Deák (Performance Racing, Ford Fiesta R5) 1:02:54.8, 2. Turán, Bagaméri (Turán Motorsport, Ford Fiesta R5) + 37.8 sec, 3. Vincze, Bacigál (Armet Protect, Škoda Fabia R5) + 2:02.8 min.

Provisional classification of the national championship (unofficial). Champion: Hadik András, Deák Attila 195.5 points, 2. Turán, Bagaméri 194.5, 3. Vincze Bacigál 185

Photo: MNASZ/Szabó-Jilek Ádám